Architects hired to design what will be UK’s largest tissue mill

Architecture and interior design practice CPMG Architects has been appointed to design Metsä’s planned new tissue paper mill in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Assuming the necessary approvals are achieved, the proposed advanced manufacturing facility will feature the largest tissue production capacity in the UK.

Anil Parmar, director, and industrial lead at Nottingham-headquartered CPMG, said: “This is a hugely exciting scheme for not only for us, but also for Metsä, East Yorkshire and the manufacturing industry.

“Designing the facility to meet Metsä UK’s ambitions to be fossil fuel free by 2030 and using cutting-edge sustainable production technologies is a challenge we are happy to accept.

“The site itself is more than 200 acres and, once complete, will have the capacity to produce 240,000 tonnes of tissue paper, so the scale of the project is self-evident.

“CPMG’s role is to make Metsa’s vision a reality, something which will bring us great pride when the wider positive impacts of job creation, manufacturing capability and economic growth are realised.”

The Finnish tissue paper manufacturer’s first venture into the UK is set to create more than 400 direct local jobs over the next decade, and many more indirectly generated across the supply chain, through planned investment totalling several hundreds of millions of pounds.

Esa Kaikkonen, CEO at Metsä Tissue, said: “We are pleased to announce our plan to invest in a world-class production site in Goole.

“This exciting investment would bring the UK and Finland together through combining the sustainable raw material of fresh wood fibres grown in the Nordics with world-class local production of quality tissues in the UK.

“We are thrilled about how these plans can contribute to more sustainable local tissue production in the UK, offering alternatives to the currently imported tissue products.

“Goole is the perfect location for this proposed investment. The Humber region provides a crucial gateway to the whole of the United Kingdom and the region’s ambitions to bring cutting-edge green technology and jobs to the UK matches our ambitions in clean, sustainable manufacturing.”