Empowering business with AI

For the past year, it seems like AI has been in the headlines daily.

And for businesses, it has never been more important to understand what this emerging technology means – and the opportunities it can bring.

This year’s West Yorkshire Innovation Festival, running from 13-17 November, features several events and sessions on AI with interactive conversations and hands-on workshops with experts.

From how to develop skills and knowledge for AI, to developing an AI strategy, and using ChatGPT and AI tools to generate marketing content, the festival will help businesses keep up with the latest industry trends, and empower themselves with the latest technology.

Returning for its third year, the West Yorkshire Innovation Festival has been created by the West Yorkshire Innovation Network and is coordinated by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

It aims to encourage ideas and collaboration to create new opportunities, positive change and foster a culture of innovation to help supercharge our businesses.

To find out more about the West Yorkshire Innovation Festival and book your place, visit: https://www.wyinnovationfestival.com/