Partner firms buy factory to grow sister companies

Two Huddersfield-based manufacturing businesses have plans for growth in 2024 and beyond for their respective sister companies UK Curtain Walling and Window Controls Systems, and their shared premises in Lockwood.

The team have secured new factory premises and increased the footprint of both manufacturing spaces so they can bring production in-house.

It is a move designed to give them more control over an unpredictable supply chain and an ability to offer competitive pricing for customers.

Bringing the operation in-house also allows them to reduce surface miles, improving the carbon footprint, as both companies get set for expansion.

Duncan Hague, director of UK Curtain Walling, said: “The marketplace has been very volatile since we came out of the pandemic, with increased pricing for raw materials, wage rises, fuel costs and general overheads.

“Despite tightening budgets, there’s definitely an appetite for new-builds and refurbishments, particularly retrofitting older buildings to prolong their lifespan and improve energy efficiency.

“This expansion was the logical next step in our growth and sustainability as independent enterprises.

“It gives us autonomy on our own pricing structure and it helps us to solidify the great relationships we have built with our customers over the last seven years, who know we can be trusted to deliver on their behalf.”

UK Curtain Walling works predominantly with civil engineering projects such as railway bridges, commercial buildings for retail and car showrooms, as well as residential apartments and schools. It is actively recruiting fabricators to join its existing team.

On the other side of the factory floor is Window Control Systems UK, which supplies and installs manual and electronic window control systems.

Its products include all areas of natural ventilation, smoke control, manual and electronically controlled window systems for the schools, colleges, care homes and the healthcare sector.

The new factory means Window Control Systems can add a new louvre product range to its customer offering.

Prior to the move, this was provided by a third-party supplier, so bringing production in-house will reduce manufacturing time, cut costs and installation time for customers.

Leading this growth is managing director Samantha Hague, who said: “We always had ambitions to grow both businesses and the new factory space has allowed us to realise this in one place.

“The savings we make on overheads, supply chain and logistics are automatically passed to our customers through our competitive pricing.

“The larger manufacturing space and a skilled workforce has allowed us to increase our product portfolio by introducing the louvre range, which means we can offer our customers greater choice.”