Youth is no barrier for teenage employer

A 19-year-old student who founded his own digital marketing consultancy at his family’s kitchen table when he was just 16 has been branded “one to watch” as he continues to build up his business.

Hull-based Subhash Chatterjee, who set up One SC Media during the pandemic, already leads a team of 20 and his firm has achieved a turnover of £1m.

He has recruited some of his fellow students and recently acquired a friend’s video production business, integrating it into his own expanding enterprise.

One SC Media is based at University of Hull’s Enterprise Centre. Chatterjee is currently studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Fannie Yeung, a senior lecturer in marketing, director of student events and leader of student experience at the University of Hull, said: “Subhash is undeniably the one to watch. Turning over £1m and employing 20 individuals while pursuing his degree is no small feat.

“His resourcefulness, networking skills, and special ability to connect with people have contributed to his rapid success.

“Subhash knows he doesn’t have all of the answers and therefore employs people who can fill the gaps in the business.

“The emphasis is on his talent-spotting ability, ensuring he surrounds himself with the right people, even recruiting some of the university’s top students.”

Will Bentley, 20, made friends with Chatterjee in their first year at university. He is currently studying Bio Medical Science while also managing sales at One SC Media.

Bentley said: “We are focusing on businesses in the Hull area. There is strong competition in the digital marketing sector, but despite this we’ve had good success.

“I think we take advantage of the ‘age thing’. We attended an event for the Armed Forces Covenant last year and found our age was a point of curiosity which generated lots of interest in our business.”