Jaguar Land Rover to close city dealerships following strategic review

Credit: JCT600

JCT600 is to close its Jaguar Land Rover businesses in Doncaster at the end of March following a strategic review of its network by Jaguar Land Rover.

Reports last year indicated the carmaker would reduce the number of its dealerships from 83 to fewer than 20 as it repositioned itself from volume sales to luxury brand.

JCT600, which acquired the Land Rover Doncaster and Jaguar Service Doncaster businesses in 2018, said it is working to relocate the 40 staff working their to its other dealerships. It has more than 50 in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and the North East.

The management of JCT600 expressed profound disappointment in Jaguar Land Rover’s decision to close the Doncaster businesses.

Executive chair John Tordoff said: “Naturally, we are extremely disappointed with JLR’s decision to close our business in Doncaster which, following our purchase in 2018, we have worked hard to turn into a successful operation.

“Doncaster is a thriving city and our other businesses in the area, Audi Doncaster, Mercedes-Benz of Doncaster and JCT600 Approved Used, all perform exceptionally well. Unfortunately, the situation is totally out of our control and so our focus now is to look after all customers and colleagues who are affected.”

In late 2023, JCT600 acquired a seven-acre site on Wheatley Hall Road and will relocate its Audi Doncaster business to the site in 2025. It has also recently approved plans to redevelop its Mercedes-Benz Doncaster and JCT600 Approved Used Centre on the same road.

Tordoff added, “We are fully committed to the city of Doncaster and are excited with our ongoing investment plans which will all come together in the next two years. Our Mercedes-Benz business will temporarily move into the current JLR premises once they are empty which will enable us to redevelop the Mercedes-Benz premises quickly and with little or no inconvenience for customers or colleagues. By the time that project is finished, we should be in a position to start work on our new Audi Doncaster dealership.

“Our total investment in these projects will be in excess of £15m and we are confident it will be money well spent. The city of Doncaster has been very kind to JCT600 since we opened our first business there over 20 years ago.”

Patrick McGillycuddy, managing director at JLR (UK), added: “We are in the process of refining our UK retail operations as part of our Reimagine strategy. Under Reimagine, JLR will transition to a sustainable, modern luxury business for the most discerning clients. As such, our UK retail network will be rationalised to ensure we have the right partners in the right locations and in the case of JCT600, we have elected not to renew our contract beyond November 2024.

“JCT600 has requested to leave the brand ahead of its contracted term and JLR has agreed to support this request. We are committed to supporting our clients in Doncaster with alternative local services to ensure their service and maintenance needs are met without disruption.”