Demand for advanced engineering firm’s technology fuels export success

An engineering company which diversified into the supply of advanced pipeline robots for the utility sector has doubled its exports to Ireland.

In the past 12 months, Harrogate-headquartered Synthotech Group has seen a 100% increase in orders for its product range from a growing Irish customer base.

The advanced engineering business currently exports to over 18 countries worldwide and hit a record milestone revenue of over £5m in 2023.

Its team of engineers design and build a range of specialist products that are distributed globally. It is a supplier of live access CCTV and survey systems to the energy industry, and gas engineers use its maintenance products in domestic and industrial environments.

More recently, the company has invested over £1.2m into developing robots that detect and fix leaks in water and gas pipelines.

Synthotech has expanded into the gas, drinking water, sewage and telecommunications sectors to increase revenues for its robots and engineering products.

It is also helping to pilot the use of hydrogen in domestic homes. Advanced trials of robots that can detect hydrogen leaks and fix pipes have recently concluded.

The business has invested in its 22,256 sq ft Harrogate Campus to meet increasing demand.

Further expansion of the company’s research and development facilities includes a computer numerical control (CNC) machining workshop and a 26% increase in permanent staff.

Mark Tindley, managing director, said: “We have experienced continued growing demand and interest in our products and services from customers across Ireland’s gas water and drainage markets, with certain product exports doubling in volume.

“There is a real appetite for innovation, which continues to drive our expansion in the country, the rest of the UK, and worldwide.

“Our technology is helping businesses in the energy and utility sectors to work more efficiently and sustainably and to make significant cost savings.

“We’re working with some exciting businesses and organisations and establishing positive partnerships to pave the way for future innovation.”