Unleashing the Power of Disruption

A new report by leading independent accountancy firm BHP looks at what makes a disruptive business and shines a light on some Yorkshire success stories.

By Jamie Williams, Partner at BHP

The North has a history of innovation. It cultivated the first Industrial Revolution, saw the world’s first double hand transplant and was even the location for one of the earliest recorded films. 

Why is this history important? The simple answer is that it sets a precedent for being a birthplace for disruptive businesses. But that begs the question, what is a disruptive business? It may seem straightforward, but it’s one that has a myriad of different answers.

Jamie Williams

The Unleashing the power of disruption report, which we’ve created in partnership with law firm Clarion, gets to the heart of that question by highlighting innovators across sectors including property and fintech. It looks at an education provider that is finding pathways for disadvantaged youngsters to shine, and manufacturers who are using their rich histories to shape cultures of innovation that inspire future success.  

The report also aims to showcase some of the disruptive businesses who call the region home and are making their mark on the national and international stages. It’s a journey we’re privileged to support as advisors.

 The aim of this document, however, is about more than just the businesses. It’s about the people behind them and about inspiring the next generation of founders, directors and disruptors. We know it’s not an easy path and it’s certainly not the one most travelled, but if the businesses included are anything to go by, pure disruption leaves a positive impact and lasting impression.

To download your copy of our whitepaper, Unleashing the power of disruption: how game-changers are shaping the future simply click here.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or director with an idea to innovate or disrupt and are looking for guidance get in touch with me via: Jamie.Williams@bhp.co.uk