Labour’s David Skaith wins York and North Yorkshire mayoral election

David Skaith has been declared the winner in the York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority mayoral election.

Skaith, who ran unsuccessfully for Labour as a City of York councillor in May 2023, presents himself as a small businessman rather than a career politician. He owns men’s and children’s clothing shop Winston’s of York, and chaired the York High Street Forum.

After he was declared winner at the count at Harrogate Convention Centre, he said, “We’ve got a great opportunity to bring York and North Yorkshire together and really grow as one collectively. The message is clear from York and North Yorkshire that we want change.”

Skaith announced five pledges during his election campaign:

  • A cost-of-living recovery plan to support families and local business.
  • Increasing the number of GP and dentist appointments and reducing NHS waiting lists.
  • Investing in urban, rural and coastal police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Improving transport links with a new community transport system and a mayoral pothole fund for road repairs.
  • Attracting investment by championing North Yorkshire.

The new combined authority has a budget of £56m until March 2025. Around £38m has already been allocated, leaving £18m for the new mayor to spend on priorities.

The mayor has responsibility for the 30-year Mayoral Investment Fund, totalling £540m, and the powers to borrow against funds.

In addition, the mayor will control the fully devolved adult education budget, and have powers to improve the supply and quality of housing and secure the development of land or infrastructure, powers and funds to improve transport through a consolidated, devolved, multi-year transport settlement, and responsibility for community safety and the powers to appoint a deputy mayor to carry out many of the duties currently held by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Candidate Party Votes Percentage of Vote
David Skaith Labour 66,761 35.06%
Keane Duncan Conservative 51,967 27.29%
Felicity Cunliffe-Lister Liberal Democrats 30,867 16.21%
Kevin Foster Green Party 15,188 7.98%
Keith Tordoff Independent 13,250 6.96%
Paul Haslam Independent 12,370 6.50%

Electorate: 640,012. Total votes cast: 191,279. Turnout 29.89%

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