‘Cave’ to help train wind technicians

A 3D ‘cave’ is to be built at the University of Hull to help train people working on offshore wind farms.

The facility will recreate on land the often hostile weather conditions technicians experience when installing or repairing turbines.

Known as the Hull Immersive Visualisation Environment (HIVE), the project has secured £240,000 in funding as part of a wider initiative to strengthen links between the University and the industry.
HIVE coordinator Emma-Jane Alexander said: “The aim is to offer a training service to industry and wind farm engineers to equip people with skills and support continuing professional development in the sector with greatly reduced risks and costs.
“The main aspect of the project is the 3D cave which will place people in an enclosed, constrained environment in which they have screens in front, to their sides and below them.
“This virtual space allows us to simulate the journey to an offshore platform via specialist vessel for instance, or prepare people for the feeling of standing on top of a wind turbine in the open sea and experience what can be a very hostile environment. We will also be able to simulate the different weather conditions and sea states that engineers and transport operators will face.”