Suits & Vinyl rocks for business community

A NETWORKING group which encourages professionals to retrieve their favourite vinyl tracks from the attic and play them to others is set to break the 100 member barrier.

Launched by Dave Jones of Reward Capital and Armstrong Watson’s Simon Palmer, Suits & Vinyl is held every quarter.

Mr Jones described the events as “genuinely unique, lively and very enjoyable”.

Guests are encouraged to bring a vinyl track of their choice to the event which is played to the other attendees.

Mr Jones said the idea for the group, which has grown its membership through LinkedIn, came after he and Mr Palmer discussed the decline of vinyl music with Andy Dawson, of Leeds-based band The Prowlers.

“What people miss aboout the MP3 and CD generation is the touch, feel and smell of an album sleeve,” he said. 

“In 15 years time no-one is going to say ‘what was the first MP3 ever downloaded’ but they will talk about the first record they bought.”

Commenting on the growing popularity of the Suits & Vinyl events, he added: “The attraction is that when you arrive you’ve instantly got something in common and that’s the music. People can then do business.

“Many of us have consigned our vinyl to the loft or the garage but would dearly love to dig some out now and again to discuss the high associated with a particular track and to share the experience with like minded individuals.”

The next Suits & Vinyl event is taking place at Mook Bar in Leeds on Friday, January 18 from 3.30pm until 7pm.

Mr Jones stressed that it is not compulsory to wear a suit at the event or bring a vinyl record.

For further information visit the Suits & Vinyl group on LinkedIn.