Businesses "falling short" with internal recruitment

COMPANIES are failing to engage potential employees despite an increasing skills gap and a return to a candidate led market.

According to the recent CBI/Pearson Education & Skills survey 68% of companies across all sectors believe there is a shortage of highly skilled staff.

Some of the most affected sectors include Engineering, Science & Hi-tech (74%), Construction (73%) and Manufacturing (69%) which will ultimately affect the ability of the UK to compete within the global market.

Christian Warden, programme director for skills at EEF, the manufacturer’s organisation, recently said “With the BRIC countries increasing their skill levels week on week, month on month, we have got to do something about it now.”

Engineering has a skills shortage equating to 81,000 people and with 20% of workers being over 50, demand for skilled workers will only continue to increase.

1.8 million Engineering roles are needed over the next decade or the UK economy could lose £39.5 billion through loss of productivity during the loss and replacement of staff; according to analysis by the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) & EngTechNow.

The demand for talented candidates is reflected at Newman Stewart a leading executive search company.

Through 2014 and 2015 the firm has seen increased demand across all disciplines in all of our divisions, Executive, Sales & Marketing, Quality and Engineering.

In a talent scarce market it is important that employers use a comprehensive process that engages with potential employees and reflects their brand positively, so that all involved in a recruitment process, regardless of outcome can reflect positively on the experience.

John Tilbrook, managing director of Newman Stewart says “In a competitive jobs market, it is important that employers recognise the impact they may be having on their reputation as an employer by executing a recruitment strategy in an ineffective manner.

“A recent report from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation suggested companies are struggling to manage their own recruitment processes effectively which is damaging their brand and putting talented candidates off working at their firms.

“Basic errors include not giving feedback to unsuccessful candidates and not asking for feedback from successful candidates about how they found the process.

“These mistakes can be avoided by utilising a thorough and professional process internally, or by outsourcing to a reputable, professional recruitment company.”