Cloud computing can support business growth

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CLOUD and mobile technologies are low cost and accessible, so it is no longer such a leap for businesses to give their implementation a try.

Andy Brown, of KPMG Enterprise Consulting, calls it “a great playground”.
“With the cloud you can get things working very quickly at minimal investment so yes, businesses can give it a go and try it out – and many companies are doing that.
“If something has been a huge investment you are much more likely to feel that you have to keep on using it whereas if that’s not the case and you try something out, there is no issue if it doesn’t work out,” he says.
Adam Barraclough, relationship director in Yorkshire for Lloyds Banking Group, adds: “Where it works really well is where staff across numerous different locations / time zones can collaborate on one project – shared across a common server.”
There are risks, however, and businesses need to carefully examine their agreement with their cloud provider – specifically around where data is housed and who has access to it.
Brown too cautions that rules and regulation are most definitely needed.
“There can be issues with cloud based systems as HR or sales departments, for example, could purchase and start to utilise new systems outside the IT governance procedures and unwittingly add significant complexity to the IT landscape,” he says.

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