The Curious Incident takes centre stage in Yorkshire

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The stage adaptation of Mark Haddon’s award-winning The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is this week returning to Yorkshire as part of its UK tour.

For the few that haven’t read the mystery novel or seen the film, The Curious Incident follows a young boy – Christopher – who describes himself as a “mathematician with some behavioural difficulties” and as a result sees the world very differently.

Producer at National Theatre Production, Kash Bennett said: “My dad’s never seen it so he’s reading the book, he said ‘I can’t stop thinking, how do you do that on the stage?!’ We have to inhabit Christopher’s world, the set is a very clever box of tricks but more than that I think its up to the audience to go with Christopher into his head.”

“When he’s floating in outer space we know he’s not, it’s not CGI, it’s not film, but it’s a very imaginative creative way in and we take that leap of faith with the audience. It’s quite hard to describe until you see that very clever set.”

The production – which will be running until Saturday March 4 at Leeds Grand Theatre – was created by National Theatre Production at their studio in London in 2015 and will be touring the UK until September.

Kash said: “It was in a tiny little theatre at the National and we had a very successful run there, but then we had to find a way to get it onto the proscenium and onto a larger scale.

“It’s been a very long five-year process until we got to this version and every time the show moves someone different we get a chance to reinvent it a little bit.”

If you don’t have chance to catch the show in Yorkshire this week, there will be performances at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre from May 9 – May 20 and at Alhambra Theatre, Bradford from July 31 – August 5.