Gav Winter

With online ecommerce, cyber-attacks and interactions growing rapidly driven by social changes, technology advancements and a new spike driven by Covid-19, the need for a customer focused, more advanced, more insightful synthetic website monitoring solution has become extremely important. People are much more concerned about performance and security than ever before; customer experience is now the norm not the exception. This is where RapidSpike will thrive.

Whilst Covid-19 is fantastic for ecommerce, that is no good if other types of businesses do not survive. We work well with all types of business, especially anyone who sells online be it a bag, a toy, a flight, a ticket, a holiday home or anything else that requires a trade. For RapidSpike to be its best version of itself, we do need the world to be more normal again albeit on an accelerated path to online as the default, however I think we still haven’t seen the full extent of the chaos yet, this will unfold in early 2021 alongside Brexit.

We are probably one of the few business saying that the push towards online ecommerce due to Covid-19 is enormously beneficial to our growth. People will be less likely to want to visit busy shopping centres in the medium term and those who are confident will learn to shop online as the default, not as an alternative. It is happening now. There has been a longstanding move online which has picked up pace over the last five to 10 years but Covid-19 has put the turbo boosters on digital transformations.

As an entrepreneur growing a business, I have always said I try to be the 2nd best at everything in my business, or team. When we hire, we like to hire people with specific skills and/or attitudes that mean they will become the experts in our business and that we have an expert in everything we need and we listen to those people.