Claire Burns Joins Reverl as a Pioneering Force in Workplace Wellbeing

In a significant move for the corporate wellness sector, Reverl has announced the appointment of  Claire Burns to its founding team. Burns, a seasoned HR professional and wellbeing consultant with over 15 years of experience, brings a deep understanding of the intricacies of workplace wellbeing and mental health. 

Over the past six years, Claire has been the driving force behind her own wellbeing business,  distinguishing herself through her commitment to developing tailored wellbeing strategies and programmes that meet the specific needs of organisations and their employees. Her approach has garnered attention from major brands such as Zara, Welcome Break, Sharp, Claire’s, VPK,  Dunlop, Whyte and Mackay, and Qualcomm, all of which have become repeat clients, highlighting the effectiveness and impact of her work. 

A CIPD Qualified HR professional and a Qualified Mental Health First Aid England Instructor,  Claire is a fervent advocate for a holistic approach to wellbeing in the workplace. She believes in the importance of addressing all five pillars of wellbeing — physical, mental, emotional, social,  and financial — to create a truly supportive work environment where employees can flourish and reach their full potential. 

Her track record is not only impressive for the breadth of her experience but also for the depth of her expertise in delivering wellbeing training within organisations. This training equips employees with both the knowledge and practical tools they need to prioritise their wellbeing, fostering a culture of support and empowerment throughout the organisation. 

“Claire’s addition to the Reverl founding team marks a pivotal moment in our journey,” said James  Jones, co-founder of Reverl. “Her extensive experience and innovative approach to workplace  wellbeing will be invaluable as we strive to transform the way businesses support their  employees’ health and wellbeing.” 

Burns’s appointment comes at a critical time when the global conversation around mental health and workplace wellbeing is gaining momentum. Organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of investing in comprehensive wellbeing programmes that support the diverse needs of their workforce. 

As businesses continue to navigate the challenges of the modern workplace, leaders like Claire  Burns are essential for driving positive change. Through her work with Reverl, Burns aims to elevate the conversation around workplace wellbeing and lead the charge in creating more supportive, productive, and healthy work environments. 

“I am thrilled to join Reverl and look forward to contributing to its mission of transforming workplace culture,” said Burns. “Together, we can make a substantial difference in how  organisations approach wellbeing, ensuring that every employee has the support they need to  thrive.” 

Claire Burns’s appointment signifies a new era for Reverl and its commitment to leading the way in innovative workplace wellbeing solutions. With her at the helm, the future of corporate wellness looks promising, with the potential to reshape how businesses support their most valuable asset  — their people. 

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