Leeds-based Pegasus World launches pioneering sustainability initative

Cotton flowers with towel on wooden table

Pegasus World Holding, based in Leeds, has launched an imaginative new initiative as part of its on-going sustainability campaign.

The company, which occupies Curo House, a 75,000 state-of-the art office and warehouse building at Logic Leeds Business Park by Junction 45 of the M1, has unveiled its brand-new UpCycle programme.

CEO Ivan Zhou explained: “This programme is a significant milestone in our journey towards environmental sustainability, which is so crucial in today’s challenging geo-political world. It is up to every responsible company to place sustainability at the top of their agendas and implement a circular economy to tackle climate change and its damaging consequences.

“In essence, we are now transforming end-of-life linens and towels, which would have ended up in landfills, into valuable resources. This is a direct example of our total commitment to environmental conservation. We are now not only reducing waste, but also efficiently utilizing our natural resources – thus promoting a more sustainable future.

“However, the benefits of participating in our UpCycle Programme go well beyond just contributing to a healthier planet. Companies that join us in this programme win twice over: Firstly, we eliminate the costs associated with disposing of end-of-life linen and towels. Secondly, we boost their reputation by enabling them to demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability.

“We believe this is a massive stride forward, but we’re not stopping here. This is just the beginning of our continued commitment towards paving the road towards a sustainable, socially responsible future,” said Ivan Zhou.

During the past year, Pegasus World has witnessed a phenomenal surge in its turnover, rising from £8 million to £13 million.

Ivan explained: “The significant increase in turnover during the past 12 months is a resounding endorsement of what we do and a wonderful reflection on the hard work and commitment of our employees. It is also one of the four cornerstones in our drive towards sustainability. Without a sustainable financial model, our other three sustainability pillars, human, social and environmental in our Pegasus World Sustainability Programme, would not work.

“Our human pillar is crucial. Our employees’ well-being and safety are absolute priorities for us. We always invest in our staff to increase their skills and we work closely with all our business partners to ensure that we trust one another and value each other’s way of working. Without trust, we are nothing.”

“We also take our social responsibilities extremely seriously. We have just donated £4,000 to the magnificent Yorkshire mental health charity, Wellspring Therapy and Training, which provides private counselling at affordable rates. Wellspring eases the intolerable burden on the NHS’s mental health services and is at the forefront of battling the mental health epidemic which is currently threatening to overwhelm the country.”

At the same time, Pegasus is also creating quality and sustainable jobs in the Leeds area, providing a timely boost to the region’s economy.

The company also focuses strongly on its environmental credentials. All the lights at Curo House are LED; all the parcel packaging is reused, where possible; recycling bins are located through the building; there are 10 EV charging points on site; and the trees and wild plants surrounding the warehouse encourage wildlife and a cleaner atmosphere. Pegasus is also a member of the Better Cotton Initiative, which means all the company’s products will made from sustainable, environmentally friendly cotton by the end of this year.

Ivan concluded: “We are all in this together and, together, we can make a real difference. We are proud of our sustainability programme and are determined to build on it, using our four pillars, in the months and years to come. We are confident all our business partners will join us on this vitally important journey. Watch this space.”