Connectus Group launches 24/7 fully managed security operations centre

BUSINESSES who invest in cyber security measures are still increasingly unsure how to deal with or resolve a breach, a leading expert has said.

Roy Shelton, CEO of the Connectus Group, warned that many firms are still leaving themselves wide open to attacks.

The growing cyber threat has prompted the Connectus Group to develop a new tool which helps provide 24/7 protection from cyber attacks.

The Connectus Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) service is powered by the acclaimed Heimdal XDR Unified Security Platform and is specifically designed to help modern enterprises to stay safeguarded by integrating detect-and-respond services with the industry’s broadest coverage for total protection against cyber threats.

The advantages of Heimdal MXDR include:

·         Achieving environment-agnostic implementation to realise immediate enterprise protection with Heimdal’s unified platform approach

·         Minimising enterprise-wide security risks with 24×7 proactive monitoring and threat remediation

·         Dramatic reductions in MTTD and MTTR with proactive and automated responses across the network, endpoints, emails, access, identity, and more

·         Benefiting from Heimdal’s accredited SOC team with defensive and offensive capabilities and decades of global experience.

·         Eliminating alert fatigue for teams by streamlining critical and imminent threats without manual processes and addressing SecOps skills shortages by allowing internal teams to focus on critical objectives and relying on Heimdal for advanced investigations and forensics.

The Heimdal MXDR is unmatched: a proactive team of experts and an accredited Security Operations Centre (SOC) works in real-time and closely with IT and Security counterparts to create an integrated approach to threat-hunting and response.

AI-driven detection is at the heart of the system, utilising advanced and comprehensive detection from machine learning, behavioural pattern, and threat visualisation. MXDR leverages the extended power of the Heimdal suite across threat intelligence, telemetry, and detection rulesets to provide evidence-based results.

A team of experts is always on hand to augment skills gaps with swift investigation and response to avoid any downtime or loss of productivity. A proactive security level is tailored by a team of expert defenders based on threat volumes and sophistication for aiding IT policy enforcement that is pragmatic.

MXDR is a lightweight solution that requires minimal configuration, with protection up and running instantaneously, with managed detection, response, and training services to provide the skills and the 24x7x365 reinforcements your business needs.

Securing enterprises has become increasingly challenging today. The growth of distributed workforces, the increasing sophistication of attacks, and the growing dependence on third-party vendors have significantly expanded the attack surface, making it more complex than ever before.

Proactive detection and coordinated response are critical in minimising the impact of a cyberattack. To achieve tangible security benefits, it is essential to swiftly identify genuine threats amidst the noise of alerts, and promptly mitigate these threats across the entire enterprise, while ensuring a comprehensive response.

Connectus Group CEO Roy Shelton said “Whilst businesses are investing more and more in cyber counter-measures, very few actually know how to deal with real threats and even less know how to resolve a breach. Our 24×7 real-time monitoring capabilities not only provide proactive protection from cyber breaches, we can also work hard to resolve any breaches to ensure you don’t have to and maintain focus on your core business.

“Our investment in our Security Operations Centre is aimed at SMEs who really do want to sleep easy at night, safe in the knowledge that we are providing around the clock protection for them.”