A new website has been launched by Keighley-based company, Iconx International Ltd, which is now the automation technology division within the Timpson Group. The website provides a cost-cutting and more convenient online solution for car and van owners to order replacement keys for their vehicles than ordering through main dealerships and other key replacement companies.

KeyNOW by Timpson has launched the first website in the UK that enables fully programmed replacement car keys to be ordered online.  This service is intended to provide a lower-cost alternative to having to visit the vehicle’s main dealer. introduces several technological innovations to make car and van key replacement easier and less costly.  These include newly developed decoding software, which allows a customer to order a replacement car key simply by uploading a photo of their key from any smartphone. Keynow’s new-to-market ‘Pair-it-Yourself’ key programming device allows customers to easily pair the new key to their vehicle themselves. This removes the hassle and cost of booking the car at a main dealership or having to wait for an auto locksmith to appear. KeyNOW claims its new service offers up to a 60% saving over main dealer replacement key prices. 

Anyone who has ever lost or damaged their car key knows it can be expensive and time-consuming to replace it.  Many people are also probably unaware that it’s not as easy as buying a standard house key.  For the last 20 years, any new key for a car or van also needs to be programmed to the vehicle before use.  In most cases, a vehicle owner may have a second key that they can use temporarily, however, relying solely on this spare key can cause further issues. The trade-in value of the car can be adversely affected if only one key is available or if this key is subsequently damaged or lost, the vehicle may need all the locks to be changed, at an even greater expense.

The new website enables vehicle owners to easily search for their vehicle and select from a number of key types and service options to suit their budget.  The following service options available include:

Pair-it Yourself – A cut key is supplied with the new-to-market KeyNOW pairing device.  This handheld programmer enables car owners to easily pair their new keys to their vehicle by themselves.  Prices start from as little as £99 for a new key and programmer combined.

You Come To Us  – Customers can choose to collect their new key from a local Timpson store.  Their new key is then paired to their car by a trained Timpson technician at the store while they wait.

We Come To You – For ultimate convenience, a KeyNOW technician hand delivers the new key, programs it to the vehicle and fully tests both the key and remote before leaving it with them.  Customers can pre-book the service to take place at a time, date and location convenient to them.

Phil Moss, Managing Director of KeyNOW explains “For too long, car and van key replacement has been costly and confusing.  Our online key replacement service gives total transparency with no hidden extra costs. enables vehicle owners to choose a price and service level that suits them.  Most of all, the process is quick, easy and far more affordable than traditional key replacement options”.

KeyNOW has been developed by Keighley-based Iconx International Ltd, the automation technology division within the Timpson Group.  The company has over 20 years of experience in automated key-cutting innovation.