Top in-demand cybersecurity jobs for 2023

With a recent spike in cyberattacks globally and organizations becoming increasingly data-driven, the demand for cybersecurity specialists is naturally growing. Which professionals are the most scarce in the job market at the moment? Check our ranking.

In 2022, the frequency of cyberattacks has increased radically, putting both private and public organizations in a difficult position. More and more companies are becoming a target of cybercriminals, which use various methods, including ransomware, to take over their servers, causing downtimes, stealing sensitive information, like access keys, or even permanently shutting down the system. And there is more and more at stake since the organizations store an increasing amount of customer data year by year.

Its leaks may lead to serious financial and image-related consequences. No wonder, experienced cybersecurity specialists are in demand, as they can prevent hackers from successfully breaking into the systems and develop detection mechanisms that minimize the damage.

Which cybersecurity careers are the most prominent at the moment?

Cybersecurity Engineer

Every company that uses custom (or customized) software and processes data, particularly through third-party integrations, needs a cybersecurity engineer on their team. Cloud-based infrastructure is the new normal in organizations across sectors, but with its various benefits come some threats – and exposure to a cyberattack is one of the major ones. Fortunately, if the vulnerabilities in the systems or software are identified on time, you can avoid the negative consequences or at least minimize them.

That’s what the cybersecurity engineer is responsible for. Having identified potential threats and weaknesses of the current protection, they improve the existing systems in terms of safety or introduce additional solutions that maximize security. The main skills such a professional should have included:

  • coding skills (different programming languages, with a particular emphasis on C/C++, Python, and JavaScript)
  • good understanding of cloud architecture and cloud deployment
  • deep understanding of networking/system administration

AI/blockchain skills will gain you extra points on the IT job market, as these two technologies are increasingly used in cybersecurity threats prevention (risk detection, predictive analytics, safe data storage). Cybersecurity engineer salary can reach impressive levels, particularly if you are applying for the mid/senior rather than the entry level cybersecurity jobs.

Penetration Tester / Ethical Hacker

We have put these two job vacancies together, as their responsibilities range is very similar. The role of such a professional is to assess the current security level of the systems or software by performing penetration tests and risk assessments. The tests are created to reflect various different scenarios – from ransomware/malware attacks to data leaks. Ethical Hacker does practically the same thing as a cybercriminal, but in a controlled environment and with a “good” purpose. They have to thus think like hackers and constantly update their test scenarios based on observed tendencies.

Security Software developer

According to the 2023 Global Software Buying Trends report, 42% of software buyers put more emphasis on the security of the product than on its functionalities. The rising fear of cyberattacks has changed the expectations of business clients, shifting their attention to safety. This trend impacts software houses and IT companies, which are starting to look for more developers with experience in security software projects.

In the next few years, the development of this field will likely gain momentum, so the demand for security software developers will grow. Which skills are the most valued in this profession? First of all, familiarity with all existing operating systems is a must. Just like cybersecurity engineers, security software developers should also have solid coding skills, including C++, Python, and Java Script/Java.


Is cybersecurity a good career path to take? The examples above prove that if you are looking for a profitable niche in IT, cybersecurity is a secure choice! (no pun intended).