What equipment do you need to start a roastery?

Those who want to open a coffee roastery must not only buy a coffee roaster, but also industrial coffee roasting equipment that will enable to provide the best service. What equipment do you need to start roastery? Read further to find out!

Essential coffee roasting equipment

As it was said before, a coffee roaster is an obvious must, but what else do you need to buy? A device that will increase the efficiency, speed up the process of coffee roasting and guarantee the precision is an automatic scale. This is a device that can measure the right amount of coffee beans within seconds. You don’t need to worry about spending time on measuring the coffee beans by yourself. Owners of industrial coffee roasteries have absolutely no time for spending it on such things. There is a wide range of automatic scales on the market – you choose scales from 300 g up to 3 kg. You can naturally adjust the settings up to your needs.

Besides buying an automatic scale, you should also invest in a proper heat sealer. If the roasted coffee is precisely measured thanks to the automatic scale, it is now time to close all the bags. To do so, you need a heat sealer – you don’t want your coffee to go stale. You can find different kinds of heat sealers such as horizontal, universal, impulse sealers or nitrogen injection heat sealers. This is an essential machine for your business because otherwise you will not be able to properly close the coffee bags, and as the result – your coffee would lose the flavor and aromas. Industrial coffee roasting equipment’s goal is to automatize the process of coffee roasting in order to prepare huge amounts of coffee every day. That is why you need to buy machines described before.

Other coffee roasting equipment

Besides a couple of machines, you also need smaller equipment such as scoops, trays, containers or analyzing tools. Scoops are useful for smaller amounts of coffee that you want to control. Airtight containers take care of coffee beans and protect them from mold – green coffee beans have a lot of moisture inside, which is why it is important to store them in a proper environment. If you want to measure moisture levels in coffee beans, you can also buy a moisture meter – you can adjust the temperature and time of roasting to the amount of moisture the coffee beans have. The more moisture, the longer it takes to roast coffee beans.

Speaking of green coffee beans – before you put them in the oven, you should first make sure that there are no impurities or objects different from the actual product. It sometimes happens that stones or wood particles come with green coffee beans. To separate stones quickly, you can use a destoner . It is a device that can separate stones, wood and other stuff from coffee beans. You surely don’t want to serve a coffee with an addition of roasted wood?

Even though you can create your own packing-and-sealing station by buying separate devices, there is also an alternative for you – if your roastery is not the biggest, you can buy an automatic packaging machine on https://cmsale.com/products/packaging/automatic-packaging-machines/automatic-packaging-machine-ap-150g. It will be a lot easier and more comfortable to use this instead of a few other machines. This machine will precisely measure and pack coffee, and then seal the bag to keep the flavors inside the beans. This is a good idea to save some time and effort that you would normally put in packing the coffee. Adjust the basis weight of coffee bags and enjoy the machine working!

Essential coffee roasting equipment – summary

Opening a coffee roastery requires a lot of preparations, including buying necessary equipment. Coffee roaster and coffee roaster equipment is a must, but besides that there are other machines that can speed up the process of coffee roasting, increase the efficiency of your work, and unburden you. Buying an automatic scale, for example, is a necessity. You should make a list of all the devices and tools that you are going to use every single day in your roastery. Today’s market teems with professional and industrial coffee roasting equipment that every roastery owner needs.