Yorkshire’s Got (Hidden Construction) Talent!

Skipton offsite construction specialist, Sigmat, has launched its biggest hunt yet to find Yorkshire’s ‘Hidden Talent’, as it recruits for an elite Academy to develop some of the region’s brightest individuals.

And even microbiologists, forklift truck drivers and welders are being invited to come forward!

The ‘Detailing Academy’, which will be based at the North Yorkshire company’s Worcestershire offices in the village of Cropthorne, near Evesham, will provide opportunity for a diverse range of people from all backgrounds.

Chief Finance Officer, Matthew Jowett, said: “Sigmat is the UK market leader for Offsite Light Gauge Steel Framing which, in layman’s terms, means we design, manufacture and assemble steel frames for buildings in our production facility before installing them on site, taking significant time and cost out of construction projects.

“Consequently, we have grown rapidly over the last few years as our technology has established itself in the UK building sector, prompting the need for more professionals to support our continuing expansion.”

Recognising that the right sort of people was hard to find, Sigmat decided to launch its pioneering ‘Detailing Academy’, with the aim of recruiting men or women returning to work after a career break, those with an interest in the ‘built environment’ or simply bright individuals looking for a career change.

“The labour market has been volatile in recent years, driven in part by the Brexit debate, so we decided to take a pro-active approach,” added Matthew. “Due to continued growth in our business we want to recruit either ready-made Structural Detailers or people looking for a new challenge, even if they have no experience.”

There are a few mandatory requirements, essentially a keen eye with excellent attention to detail, a flare for all things technical and the determination to see projects through to the end.

Technical Director, Clive Webberley, said: “We have designed a unique programme to enhance existing or dormant skills within those people selected, and successful candidates will be trained in an academy-based environment and taught the necessary skills to become a Structural Detailer, including software and 3D modelling.

“There really is no barrier on this one because we are prepared to give all comers a hearing whatever their background. If they have the aptitude and can prove it at one of our assessment days, then lack of a formal qualification will not be a barrier. We want the best and most promising not the people with the most pieces of paper!” added Clive.

“I’ve been in the industry for nearly 30 years,” he added, “and over that time have had the pleasure of working with some very capable individuals. Often, the best of these have been from very diverse backgrounds including microbiologists, forklift truck drivers and welders.

“The secret to Sigmat’s success has always been attention to detail and that’s why we are looking for people with a pedantic eye! If they’re out there, we’re listening!”

He said it was a great opportunity for promising people to break into a highly competitive sector without the restriction of traditional, academic screening methods.

“This time we are doing things differently, a philosophy we adopt in our daily work. We are anticipating a big response,” added Clive.

Academy graduates will eventually join Sigmat’s Detailing Team and develop their career as a Structural Detailer, using their new skills to support Sigmat in delivering some of the UK’s most exciting construction projects.

The company has offices in Skipton, North Yorkshire, Cross Green in Leeds and Worcestershire.

Anyone interested in learning more can email recruitment@sigmat.co.uk OR visit the company website at www.sigmat.co.uk.


Chief Financial Officer Matthew Jowett (left) with Apprentice Buyer Rebecca Nicholas and Senior Contracts Manager John Ritchie.