Chief exec to leave after role axed

Ian Stephenson

Derbyshire County Council chief executive Ian Stephenson is set to leave his role today (11 August 2017) just two weeks after the council voted to scrap his role.

Stephenson has worked for the council for 10 years – the last four as chief executive.

He joined in 2007 as director of environmental services and was appointed to the chief executive role in July 2013.

The Council agreed at the end of July to abolish the post of chief executive, along with two other top-tier posts − assistant chief executive and strategic director of corporate resources.

The move is set to save the council more than £300,000 a year on management costs.

A new post of strategic director of commissioning, communities and policy has been created. The recruitment process for this new role is already underway.

Derbyshire County Council leader councillor Barry Lewis said: “Mr Stephenson has worked hard over 10 years for Derbyshire County Council and we recognise the contribution he has made to the authority and the commitment he has given.

“However, we have a duty to Derbyshire residents to use their money as efficiently and effectively as possible. There is no intention that the council will be making any ‘golden handshake’ payments. It’s about doing things differently and making bold changes.

“We’re confident this is the right way to go and can reassure people that the council is in safe hands.”