Pixelwave Creative invests to help more North West businesses with video


Pixelwave Creative, the Bury-based, full-service video production company, has expanded its filming facilities and invested in new equipment to meet growing demand for corporate video.

The company, which provides businesses and brands with a range of production services, including online branding, training videos and corporate events, said its ‘significant investment’ will help it become more energy efficient and to deliver impressive visuals quicker and easier.

New technology includes world-class LED lighting equipment and a portable panoramic background that will boost workflow efficiency during either on-location or in-house video shoots.

New Aputure Light Storm COB 300d LED Hard Lights are portable and lightweight, featuring a powerful output with an advanced cooling system that ensures safer and quieter shooting over long periods.

Pixelwave has also invested in a four-metre-wide Lastolite Panoramic White Background that is portable, quick to install and ideal for small meeting rooms.

JP Woffenden, managing director at Pixelwave Creative, says: “We have researched and invested in the latest technology to ensure we have the best equipment to achieve our creative ideas and deliver high-quality video production services to all our clients.”

“Previously we would hire lighting for bigger productions, which would not only take time to source but typically consume high power and produce a lot of heat and noise. Our new LED lights are more energy efficient and safer to run in locations, such as hospitals, with no danger of overloading the power circuit.

“This together with a simple and fast to set up background means we can spend more time liaising with clients and capturing compelling images.”

Pixelwave has also recently relocated to a new office location at Freedom Church in Bury city centre in order to offer in-house filming and invested in a production vehicle to transport additional equipment and crew.

JP Woffenden adds: “We’re delighted with our new facilities – in 2018 we’ve seen an increasing demand for a more involved production setup, such as filming drama-led scenarios or capturing multiple people in shot – all which require more space.

Companies that lack their own options for producing eye-catching video can now visit our office for their filming needs