At Boxphish, we make it our mission to make businesses more cyber aware, providing our users with the skills needed to identify and avoid cyber-attacks, reducing risk and protecting both the individual and the organisation.

Human error is now present in over 95% of successful cyber-attacks, so by educating the individual we, in turn, protect the organisation. The aim is to build the ultimate human firewall, acting as that first line of defence against cybercrime.

Our training is delivered through interactive, bite-sized training modules, covering everything from malware and phishing, to more complicated attacks like invoice fraud, social engineering and identity theft. We also provide real-world phishing simulations, delivered directly to your inbox, to educate users on what to look out for in a real attack.

This combination of training helps to develop a culture of cyber awareness, teaching users the key threats, how to identify them and, most importantly, how to deal with them.

Our learning journeys are continuously developed, with a new course released every month, and we also have the potential to offer custom-made courses, specific to your individual organisation. This is alongside unique SIMs that can be created based on the threats your organisation most often faces.

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