Finance For Enterprise

Finance For Enterprise helps businesses and entrepreneurs to overcome barriers to growth by providing access to a range of tailored lending solutions. 

We provide loan funding between £25,001 and £250,000 which can be used for any legitimate business purpose and our team of experienced and knowledgeable Business lending managers are committed to helping you access the funds your business needs at the times when it is needed the most. 

In many cases we can help businesses who have been unable to secure funding from mainstream lenders and Finance For Enterprise will consider lending applications from most business sectors including sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and limited liability partnerships.

We believe in lending responsibly and ethically at all times and act as a delivery partner for the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, Start Up Loans UK and the Recovery Loan Scheme.

Over the past 38 years we have been responsible for helping businesses throughout the region to unlock their potential. As a direct result of the funds we have provided, our work has helped to create and safeguard thousands of jobs as well as helping to build a stronger regional economy. 

To find out more about Finance For Enterprise can help your business grow, visit: