Established in 2010, STORROR are a team of professional parkour and specialist stunt performance artists. The team comprises seven elite athletes who provide stunt and parkour work for advertisements, films, live performances and more. The team have a YouTube channel with over 7 million subscribers where they post exciting video content every week, which has garnered over 800-million views since its creation.
STORROR are renowned for bringing exceptional storytelling and high-quality video production to every video they create – a service they offer to other businesses. They are available to hire as a film production unit for a wide variety of projects. STORROR provide a fantastic mix of POV shots, drone footage and close-up shots filmed by parkour cameramen for a truly unique and dynamic end product.
Alongside stunt work and video production services, STORROR also have their own apparel line of clothing, training shoes and accessories that enhance their iconic parkour brand. Take a look at the collection or get in touch with the team to book their parkour and video production services.