124-room Nottingham student scheme gets green light

Plans for a 124-room student accommodation complex in Nottingham have been given the green light by the City Council.

Trivelles International will build the 14,500 sq ft Grovesnor Gardens scheme on Russell Street in the Arboretum area of the city, close to a another student scheme it is developing at the former Perrys Factory.

Grosevnor Gardens will be five storeys tall and will share communal facilities with residents at Perrys Factory.

In a planning statement, Trivelles International says: “The design lends itself to a successful student accommodation scheme and will present itself as sympathetically designed architecture for the Gamble Street/Alfreton Road Conservation Area.

“Trivelles is of the firm belief that this is a good move for Nottingham City Council and should be seen as a contribution to the local area.

“By proposing this development, we hope to counteract the decline of the area by providing high quality
accommodation for one hundred and twenty-four students; who will make a significant contribution to
the local retail community. It is anticipated that this proposal will bring more life and activity to the area.”