Nottingham Castle’s transformation project seeks digital expertise

Nottingham Castle is seeking creative firms to create digital exhibits as part of its £30m transformation project.

It has plans for six digital exhibits to bring history to life as part of a renewed Nottingham Castle visitor experience from 2021. The attraction is aiming to attract 250,000 visitors a year once it relaunches.

Nigel Hawkins, Head of Culture at Nottingham City Council, said: “This is a very exciting stage in the development of the Castle Transformation Project. We are looking for the most imaginative and creative ideas from local talents and further afield who will play a defining role in the future of Nottingham Castle for years to come.”

It is looking for digital companies with “a talent for storytelling and the ability to produce highly immersive, creative, engaging and visual experiences”.

The projects include an immersive Robin Hood film and a series of interactive games with physical interfaces themed around medieval weaponry.

The Nottingham Castle Transformation Project has been backed by a grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund.