Pharma firm’s £1m crowdfunding campaign goes public

Daljit Cheema

A £1m crowdfunding campaign launched by PHARMASEAL that it says revolutionise global clinical trials and vaccine development has reached the next campaign milestone.

Launched by the Nottingham firm last month, the campaign is aimed at raising capital in order to continue its journey using next-generation technology to improve the efficiency of clinical trials on a worldwide scale.

This next phase of the campaign – the public phase – comes on the back of PHARMASEAL securing widespread recognition for its first commercial product last year. It also follows the expansion of the company’s Cloud platform, Engility®, which has been designed to enable clinical trials to be carried out and managed more effectively and new medicines to be brought to market faster.

Daljit Cheema, founder and CEO of PHARMASEAL, said: “We’re now living in a digitally-driven era where new, increasingly innovative breakthroughs are being made by the minute, creating bigger, better and quicker ways of working. The clinical trial space is no exception.

“As we all know, clinical trial development is critical to health and crucial to the vaccine development that’s currently underway, which includes the 1,000+ Covid-19 vaccine trials that are taking place right now.”

Cheema added: “Digital transformation sits at the heart of the future of clinical trials. If ever there was a prime time for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and clinical research companies to invest in intelligent 21st century clinical trial management technology, such as our Engility® platform, it’s now.”