On the move: the latest East Midlands hires

Serena Humphrey, Stuart Ross and Greg Simpson

The F Word Academy, the Nottingham-based online business finance academy, has added two East Midlands business development specialists to its executive team.

Stuart Ross from High Growth and Greg Simpson from Press For Attention PR join founder Serena Humphrey as non-executive marketing and PR director respectively.

Earlier this summer the trio worked together on a not-for-profit campaign to help business owners navigate the ever evolving challenges of Covid-19, with their facebook group reaching over 3000 members within three just months.

Serena Humphrey, founder of The F Word Academy, said: “This is a big message and it requires big thinking on a strategic and tactical level which is why I am delighted to bring Stuart and Greg onto the team. They are two highly respected and influential professionals that I have known and worked with on a variety of projects already but more crucially, they understand the challenges and the opportunities at stake here.

“With further financial uncertainty ahead, the goal is to get businesses back on track, recovering then building robustly with enough resilience for consistent financial success; better profits, stronger cash flow and higher business value.”

Ross said: “Small businesses have a major role to play in getting the economy back on track, and we’re determined to play our part in making that happen. Serena launched The F Word Academy earlier this month locally and regionally and all of us that are a part of it really do empathise with its rapidly growing community. It really is unlike anything else out there right now or indeed that I have seen before and now we are going to help take this message wider as this is a national issue and also a national opportunity to change the way we think about building a business. I am very proud to be involved.”

Simpson added: “There’s no point pretending that running a business right now isn’t incredibly hard – we’re all experiencing that to some extent. However, what I am seeing already within the academy is that there is a huge opportunity out there for business owners.

“That might mean tweaking their current proposition, introducing new models, products and services or indeed going back to what first got them excited about being an entrepreneur in the first place. Now is the time to take a good hard look at what the business is doing for them as a business owner or indeed is not doing for them and to make changes. The F Word Academy can help you do just that.”

Jenny Cross

Jennifer Cross from Cross Productions has become an honorary member of the Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Lord Blunkett, chairman of The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland said: “Keeping an organisation in operation during this period is no small feat and it is our belief that the thousands of leadership figures across the country deserve a greater level of recognition. It is inspiring to see so many of them sign our Charter of Principles. We are very fortunate to have so many dedicated leaders in this country and this is our small way of recognising them and the contribution they make.’

The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was set up to support and champion leadership in all its forms. The Charter of Principles can be signed by any leadership figure who wishes to do so but anyone found flouting the principles is removed. The aim is to ensure that the nation’s recovery is built on the strongest possible foundations.