Loughborough Uni signs weighty deal with strength equipment firm

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Strength equipment developer Eleiko has signed a joint venture partnership with Loughborough University.

The relationship includes joint initiatives around product development, athlete training and product testing. Several ongoing Eleiko development projects for elite sport are being worked on in collaboration with Loughborough and its coaches. These products will then be tested by athletes and proven in the university’s facilities.

“Our cooperation is built on shared values around health, community building and inclusion along with a commitment to advancing professional sports at the highest international levels,” said Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO. “There is a strong synergy with Loughborough, we share a passion for performance and delivering the ultimate lifting experience to athletes.”

Jo Simpson, commercial and facilities director at Loughborough University, said: “Loughborough’s unique sporting ecosystem is built upon utilising cross-functional expertise to holistically support and develop our athletes. Eleiko is synonymous with the highest quality strength training equipment and our relationship allows them to benefit from not only the team’s expertise but one of the most demanding sporting environments in the world. Products developed here have to be able to withstand the most rigorous usage whilst providing an outstanding athlete experience, the perfect test bed for Eleiko’s new range.”