Nottingham firm receives £2m investment in brain imaging for dementia

Cerca Magnetics, a spin-out company from the University of Nottingham, received £2m as part of a £45m government investment in the UK’s quantum sector.

The funding is for their wearable brain imaging technology which is aimed at detecting early signs of dementia.

It utilises quantum technology to measure magnetic fields above the scalp in a process called magnetoencephalography (MEG).

New funding will support the installation of a system at the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity, where researchers will study brain function in individuals with dementia, potentially leading to earlier diagnosis and treatment methods.

David Woolger, CEO  of Cerca Magnetics said: “Since Cerca’s formation in July 2020 we have delivered several systems to the research market and this latest funding will allow us to support vital work in understanding dementia. We were delighted to show the Science Minister around our headquarters and demonstrate the technology developed here in Nottingham.

“As a team, we are very excited about the potential societal impact of this project if we can identify bio-markers for earlier diagnosis of dementia and this  funding from the Government demonstrates the importance of quantum technology research in solving medical and societal issues.”