Developers alerted over future of iconic County Hall

Nottinghamshire County Hall

A consultation will begin next week into the future of Nottinghamshire County Council’s County Hall building in West Bridgford.

The public will be asked to share their views on the iconic building which has been the council’s home since 1946, but has now been deemed impractical to run by the authority.

Research released last summer showed it is too expensive to operate, maintain and bring the building up to modern environmental standards.

An online survey aimed at residents, local business and staff will go live from Wednesday 6 March until Sunday 31 March 2024. It will be available on the council’s engagement hub pages.

Stakeholder such as heritage organisations and other councils will be contacted directly. Residents who live directly next to the site will also receive a letter.

Developers will be approached for their initial views as part of what is known as “soft marketing testing”.

Using all this feedback, the council will then consider the best options for the site throughout this spring. Further public/stakeholder engagement may be required to help take these options to the next stage.

Nottinghamshire County Council leader Ben Bradley, MP said: “County Hall is an iconic Nottinghamshire landmark, particularly its famous green roof, so it’s vital we seek the views of residents, businesses, heritage experts and developers before a full business case is put in place.

“We want to make sure this building and site gets the new lease of life it deserves, with its heritage respected.

“With its riverside location along the Trent, being close to local amenities as well as world-famous sporting venues, we know what an attractive site this is for potential purchasers, developers and partners.

“With the potential sale of County Hall and the savings we’ll make by not running and maintaining it, will mean more money is available to spend on services.”

The building costs more than £1.7m to operate and maintain each year and requires essential maintenance costing more than £30m over the next 12 years, with up to a further £28m needed to bring the building up to modern environmental standards.

Nottinghamshire County Councillor Keith Girling, Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Asset Management, added: “The potential sale of this building is one of the most complex commercial projects this council has ever been involved in and an important moment in our history, so it has to be done right. The future of this building will have an impact for a lot of people, businesses and organisations – so we will take stock of what they have to say.

“Alongside the feedback we get, there will many practical considerations for us to make which include respecting the heritage of the building, what makes best financial sense and making sure whatever decision is made, we aren’t taking any unnecessary risks.

“This is why we will seeking legal, financial and technical advice as necessary, including using the expertise of Arc Partnership, the council’s property, design and consultancy partner.”

It is planned that the council will move out of County Hall in 2025 to a new low-carbon, all-electric office located north of Hucknall.

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