Business Bytes: How to work with extroverts

Often issues which arise in an office are not because of the work, it’s because of the mixture of personality types. If you can master the art of how to treat workers depending on their personality, you will have a very happy workplace. If you’re struggling with how to treat extroverts in your office, who are super talkative, confident and engaging, note these four things down.

1. Let them talk
Some people in your office will be happy to sit quietly at their desk and get on with their work, but you also need to consider how extroverts like to work. Extroverts need to talk to understand and get their head around things. The best way for them to work is by giving them opportunities to discuss ideas and their thoughts, otherwise they will not enjoy being at work as they can’t be themselves there.

2. Work in groups
Extroverts thrive in a social work environment and the best way for them to work is by working in groups where everything can be discussed. Extroverts tend to be creative, so by giving them an opportunity to do so, they will work at their very best. However, try to separate extroverts into different groups so there is not too much competition for the limelight.

3. Allow interaction 
If you think an extrovert in your office could be really good at working with a client or going to a networking event, ask them to do so. Extroverts love environments where they can express themselves and be around others, which is what they want. By offering them opportunities that are tailored to their personality, they will be a much better worker and will provide better results.

4. Remember your body language 
Extroverts are very good at picking up on body language, energy and atmospheres at work. Therefore, be careful how you are around them as they may think they have done something wrong when they haven’t at all! When talking to them, lean in so you express that you are interested in what they are saying. Be mindful of your facial expressions and your tone of voice too.