David Ryley

Ryley Wealth Management’s CEO, David Ryley, has been a successful Financial Planner and business owner for over 20 years. When he entered the world of finance, his aim was to make sure he had a full and comprehensive understanding of this very complex field and he achieved this goal by becoming a Chartered Fellow of the industry.

David has both corporate and private clients and advises them on a variety of areas within Financial Planning such as investment planning, retirement planning, protection planning, advising business owners and entrepreneurs, managing cash, intergenerational wealth management and more. His mission has always been to build long lasting relationships with his clients and their families and to ensure a high quality, bespoke service throughout the business. 

David understands his influence on the culture and values of the business and how vital it is to get this right. He is enthusiastic about recognizing those within the business who have a desire to develop within their career and ensures that he, alongside Managing Director Ruth Harrison, offer the employees the support and resources they need to do so. For the last two years RWM have been nominated for the ‘Commitment to People Development’ award at the Nottinghamshire Business Awards.

He emphasises the importance of giving back, saying that it is not only vital for his company, but also as a leader within the local community. His commitment to giving back was one of the main reasons he set up the 1% Matters Fund, which finds him working with charities and local organisations in and around Nottingham.

Outside of his work at Ryley Wealth Management and 1% Matters Fund, David explores many other ventures and hobbies. With interests in the sports arena; in property development; and in the mortgage world (to name a few), he always makes sure to keep his work week varied. He is also a keen sports man, visiting the gym 2-3 times a week, regularly brushing up on his golf skills and playing football once a week. To top it off, David has a goal of achieving his private pilot’s license!