Business leader lambastes MPs over handling of Brexit

The director general of the British Cambers of Commerce (BCC) has lambasted politicians over their handling of Brexit, saying they “have let British business down”.

Dr Adam Marshall will address “the deep levels of frustration and anger” among business communities across the country towards those in Westminster over the ongoing political turmoil in a speech to the BCC’s annual conference in London today.

In his keynote speech Dr Marshall will urge those in Westminster to “chart a clear path forward, avoiding a messy and disorderly exit, and stem the corrosive damage and dislocation of ongoing uncertainty.”

He will say: “To Westminster we say: We are frustrated. We are angry. You have let British business down. You have focused on soundbites, not substance.Tactics, not strategy.
Politics, not prosperity. Listening without hearing.

“Three years going round in circles. Three years is long enough.”

Marshall also says that “too many critical questions remain unanswered” and that “no one would run a business like this – and it is no way to run a country.”

“A messy and disorderly exit would not just be deeply irresponsible – it would be a flagrant dereliction of duty.

“But we in business must make it clear that our elected representatives cannot keep chasing rainbows.”

He added: “We want to restore our hard-won international reputation as a great place to do business.

“After all, it is business and trade that will ultimately restore confidence – both across the nations and regions of the UK and with our many partners around the world.

“If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that business will lead the way in helping the UK rise to new challenges, seize new opportunities, and shape what comes next.”

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