Energy firm recruits robot to board in ‘UK-first’

Oldham-based energy company Energi Mine has appointed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot to its management board, a move believed to be a UK first.

The bot, Sasha (Strategy and Support – Human Analytics) will aid human decision making within the company.

Sasha will make algorithmic decisions leading to suggestions on trading and managing energy while also analysing sales figures and performance statistics.

“We already use AI software to trade and manage energy for clients – so bringing Sasha on to our management board is simply the next stage,” said Omar Rahim, CEO at Energi Mine.
“Our whole business model is based on using Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence models.

“We recognise that certain tasks can be done more efficiently by machines. Developed by data scientists from across the tech industry, Sasha’s input will be invaluable moving forward.”

He added: “At present, the energy procurement industry is heavily manualised, with a huge reliance on a series of spreadsheets compiled by analysts – this takes time and can be expensive. Our AI uses machine learning which means that our computer programs get smarter and smarter the more times they carry out a request. This results in more insightful analysis from data – ultimately leading to greater cost saving opportunities.

“Automating as many processes as possible means human errors are minimised. Lengthy processes that normally take up to two weeks to complete can be done within an hour.”

Energi Mine has recently been named as one of the world’s most exciting blockchain start-ups at Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Summit in Zurich, where Rahim launched the company’s new Energi Token.

The company is currently preparing to become the first UK business outside London to raise funds through a token sale, the new way for companies to raise money through cryptocurrency.

The company is creating a platform that matches customers with smaller generators, as well as creating a global eco-system where users are rewarded with Energi Tokens for energy-efficient behaviour.