Entrepreneur Hussain backs new venture bringing cryotherapy to the masses

Nargis Akhtar Malik and Debs Masson at Cryo Express

Wajid Hussain, who exited Blackburn-based toilet roll company Accrol Holdings following its successful AIM listing in June, 2016, is backing a new venture aimed at bringing cryotherapy to the masses.

Hussain has brought his business knowledge and experience to Cryo Express, with the launch of Lancashire’s first whole body cryotherapy centre in Blackburn recently.

Well established as an aid to rapid recovery in professional sports, cryotherapy has also become popular with the rich and famous in recent years, due to its renowned rejuvenating, cosmetic and rapid recovery benefits.

Reportedly used by the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr, Daniel Craig, Christiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston and many other famous names to help with sports recovery and hone their famous physiques, the treatment involves the use of very low temperatures to accelerate the body’s natural recovery processes.

Whole body cryotherapy involves exposing the whole body to ultra-low temperatures (-200°F to -240°F) for a short period, of up to three minutes, of which has been shown to have powerful restorative benefits.

With Hussain’s backing, Cryo Express has been launched with his business partners Debs Masson and Nargis Akhtar Malik.

It is the first to offer whole body cryotherapy to the public in Lancashire and also the first Cryotherapy Centre of Excellence in the UK, supported by a dedicated medical advisory board.

Cryo Express director and physiotherapist Debs Masson said: “Cryotherapy is well recognized and established in cutting edge sports therapy. It is now being widely used for player recovery in Premiership football clubs and other top-level elite professional sports.

“Nargis has been actively working in the cryotherapy industry for the past three years and is highly experienced in this field and we are very excited and proud to be launching our brand, Cryo Express, with Wajid, with the first clinic in Blackburn now open.

“The benefits of cryotherapy are vast. It can help treat pain and aid recovery from sports injuries to chronic pain. It also works on the skin to deliver a youthful appearance with our pharmaceutical grade skincare range and proven to give a significant boost to metabolic processes.”