Homes England awards £1.14m to boost Pendle development

Dean Langton

Homes England has agreed a £1.14m funding deal with Pendle Council which will accelerate the delivery of 200 homes.

The funding has been awarded through the Government’s £450m Local Authority Accelerated Construction (LAAC) programme.

It will enable the construction of a new access road to facilitate the development of Further Clough Head, near to Nelson town centre, in Pendle.

The site has indicative plans to deliver a range of two-, three-, and four-bedroom houses and bungalows offering a development that responds well to the local housing need.

Stephen Kinsella, executive director for land at Homes England, said: “This funding will support Pendle Council to accelerate housing delivery by enabling them to prepare this site for development and bring forward the construction of new homes incorporating modern methods of construction.”

Dean Langton, Pendle Council’s chief executive, said: “The residential development of Further Clough Head is a key part of our plan to improve the quality of housing offer in Pendle and we welcome the support from Homes England which will help up unlock this site.”