Next generation of bar will drastically cut down on food waste

Duke Street Food & Drink Market
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Duke Street Food & Drink Market has unveiled a pioneering bar which aims to cut down on waste by 70%, as well as improving consistency and the customer experience.

The latest statistics from WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme) state that one million tonnes of food prepared in the hospitality and food service sector is thrown away each year, worth a huge £2.9m.

Keen to address the situation, Liverpool-based Duke Street Food & Drink Market has opened a mezzanine level bar which will be operated from a centralised ‘Lab’.

Thought to be the first of its kind in the North West, the Lab will produce batches of spirits, bitters and liqueurs to ensure quicker service and consistency.

In turn, this reduces waste and improves stock control so that perishable ingredients aren’t ordered until necessary.

Duke Street Market co-founder, John Ennis, director of Graffiti Spirits Group, said: “The Graffiti Spirits Group Lab has been a long time in the making and we’re so pleased that we’re finally ready to launch at Duke Street Market.

“The main aim of the Lab is to make the drinks more efficient for service, the guest and environment.

“With the hospitality industry being one of the worst offenders for wastage, we’ve long been interested in minimising waste across the business and the Lab will reduce it by around 70%, as well as ensuring that the ‘perfect cocktail’ is delivered time and time again.

“The development of the bar menu for Duke Street Market was carried out over the course of six months, but some drinks have been years in the making.

“The preservation of ingredients and how to make the most out of them has long been part of our heritage in the UK, with jam being a prime example.

“With the Lab initiative we’ve taken this one step further to ensure we still have the fresh taste rather than a stewed fruit flavour. Other techniques we’re trying out in the Lab include sous vide cooking, carbonation, freeze distilling, filtration and pressurised batching to serve our guests the best possible drink at Duke Street Market.”

He added: “As well as reducing our environmental impact, the main aim of the bar is to serve our guests a really great drink.

“Our lab will produce batches of ingredients, from citrus – simulated lemon or lime juice – to crystal clear ice. The guests will notice a fresh, clean taste with all the cocktails served on the island bar and non-complicated serves.

“Not only will they be the best cocktails you’ve ever had, the queue times will be reduced, too, so it’s win-win.”

Opened in June, Duke Street Food & Drink Market is already one of the city’s favourite hangouts featuring two bars, six traders and the flagship restaurant, Pilgrim.

The brains behind the development of the 100-year old warehouse scheme are co-founders of Graffiti Spirits Group, Matthew Farrell and John Ennis, with Alex Bennett, Joshua Marco and Simon Marco from food and drink operator Urban Food and Drink, which has origins in construction, property management and development.