Chamber launches recovery plan to help firms emerge from COVID-19

Chris Fletcher

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce today launched its recovery plan for COVID-19 – “The Way Forward”.

At its heart the plan highlights four key themes for action: Transport; health; the economy; and communities.

Under each theme the document sets out key issues that need tackling to ensure Greater Manchester recovers from the pandemic and protection is put in place to ensure safe health in a new post COVID-19 environment.

The document also focuses on what must be done to offset damage to the wider GM economy and communities – especially to protect against the threat of rising unemployment.

Chris Fletcher, director of policy, campaigns and communications at the chamber, said: “This plan has been put together with a huge amount of help from businesses via events and forums as well as data gathered through our weekly Business Monitor.

“It positions several key areas for action under each of the four themes that will help decide on how Greater Manchester, its businesses and residents respond to how we will have to deal with a new environment where COVID-19 will be around for some time to come and how best this can be offset so we don’t suffer long lasting economic damage.

“It’s important we look at every area from safe transport to requirements for new skills as businesses change, and these are all covered in the plan.”

He added: “We are setting up task groups to lead on this, made up from businesses and other organisations and anyone who is interested can contact me direct to take part.”

Businesses are encouraged to download “The Way Forward” from the Covid section on the chamber’s website

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