Manchester PR company will cease trading at the end of June

Andy Spinoza

Manchester PR firm SKV Communications is being wound up.

Founder and former MEN journalist Andy Spinoza said the business had “come to the end of its natural life”.

He said the current business conditions had led to the decision to undergo a Members Voluntary Liquidation, a process which enables shareholders to appoint a liquidator to formally close down a solvent company.

All 11 staff will be made redundant, but Mr Spinoza said all creditors will be paid.

The business, one of the most established on Manchester’s PR scene, will cease trading on June 30.

Mr Spinoza said: “Current and projected business conditions have called the future viability of the business into doubt. We are left with no other option but to manage a controlled winding-up.”

Directors say they are keen to protect income for redundant employees, and are supporting a number who are in talks with SKV clients to transfer the accounts to them as freelance practitioners.

SKV’s clients included BUPA, BDP and Siemens Digital Industries.