100% lease renewals at centre for start-up and high-growth businesses

The Base interior

Every tenant with lease renewals at The Base, in Warrington, has re-committed to the COVID-secure building, in spite of the economic pressures brought about by the pandemic and the Government’s fluid workplace advice.

Five lease renewals, totalling 13% of the Grade A building’s office space, have been completed during the continued restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

And, says building manager Langtree, the deals show that offices retain their appeal as key assets for delivering business services.

Stacey Marsh, building manager for Langtree, which operates The Base on behalf of owner Warrington & Co, said: “Teamwork remains vital to business performance and there’s no-where quite like an office environment for cultivating that.

“We’ve been operating safely as a COVID-secure building for many months now and tenants are pleased with the adjustments we’ve made.”

The five tenants employ 62 staff across a range of digital and engineering roles and, says Ms Marsh, the renewals point as much to the tenants’ strengths as to the appeal of The Base as a workspace.

“Our tenants are all at the cutting edge of their industries and are highly creative and entrepreneurial in outlook.

“Their cultures are around sharing ideas and collaboration and our workspace was designed specifically to facilitate that. There’s nothing else like it in Warrington and I’m delighted, but not surprised, that they have renewed.”

Andy Horrocks, managing director of Swan Solutions, an IT support business and one of the five companies recently to renew his lease, said: “The high-quality space and the range of networking events here all help in terms of attracting and retaining the right calibre of staff and it’s a great address for our business.”

The Base was developed as a home for start-up and high-growth businesses in the digital, technology and engineering spaces and provides 50,000 sq ft of Grade A space.

The building is currently more than 70% occupied. The companies renewing their leases are Simple Solutions, Meritec, Swan Solutions, NSAN and Chatbot Labs.