Young entrepreneur keeps on track with launch of his fifth business

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A young Rochdale entrepreneur has formed his fifth business with the launch of ‘X-Kart’.

Matty Street, 23, is the owner of ‘TeamKarting’ in Rochdale, a top-rated indoor kart track, and he has now launched X-Kart, importing and selling Italian-made ‘TB-Karts’ – high-end racing go-karts re-branded as ‘X-Kart’ for the UK market – either to individual racers or track operators.

Matty raised investment to buy out the TeamKarting business in 2017 when he was just 19.

Having struggled through school with diagnoses of dyslexia, dyspraxia and Asperger’s, he discovered karting when he was 12. He won a £30,000 scholarship to go racing at the age of 14, which opened doors to the expensive world of motorsport.

When he first took his GCSEs, just before he began his racing career, he failed them all. When he re-took the exams, he passed everything, as his teachers began to relate his work to motorsport, which helped him understand and retain information.

He studied motorsport engineering then went on to secure a degree, working at TeamKarting throughout. It is now the UK’s highest-rated karting track and has won an award for being Autism Friendly. Matty is also a driver for all-disabled Team BRIT.

He launched TK-Xtra in 2019, an in-house kart race team that offers a full progression route from indoor karting to outdoor racing.

Soon after, his Cadet Kart Championship was launched, which has grown in popularity and is set to welcome 60 racers next year.

Having battled to keep the business alive during the coronavirus lockdowns, Matty and his business partner diversified with the launch of Xtra Treats, selling sweet treats and deserts.

Matty Street

Now, Matty has invested in the importing and re-sale of Italian X-karts, offering the brand to the UK for the very first time.

Specially invited expert racers were given the chance to test the karts at Whilton Mill track in September. The reviews were unanimously positive with drivers complimenting the easy set-up, comfort and smooth racing style.

As part of the UK launch, Team X-Kart has also been formed, featuring some of the UK’s most promising young karters. The team, managed by Matty, will race in the Junior Kart Championship and Whilton Mill Club Championship this year.

Matty said: “I’m not really sure how to sum up last year in terms of business, but to say it’s been a challenge would be an understatement.

“I hate standing still, I never stop, and I’m always looking to do more.

“This has probably helped me when it’s come to finding ways to get through the COVID lockdowns.

“We launched Xtra Treats as a way of reaching new customers with a service we could continue to deliver in lockdown and now I hope X-Kart will cement our position as industry leaders.”

He added: “Through TeamKarting, TK-Xtra and now X-Kart, we’re hoping to set up a real progression path for karters of all levels.”