Asset manager in takeover of compliance and risk management consultancy

Luke Body

Cheshire-based asset management company, Imagile Professional Services (IPSL), has today (January 29) acquired specialist compliance and risk management consultancy, Capitec, for an undisclosed sum.

The transaction, saw the shareholders of Capitec, which has offices in Manchester and Bristol, sell their shares to Daresbury-based IPSL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imagile Group, and this partnership will see Capitec’s unique understanding of PFI and PPP (private finance initiative/public-private partnership), particularly within the UK’s healthcare sector, strengthen the existing range of services provided by the IPSL team.

Luke Body, IPSL managing director, will now join a newly-formed Capitec board, working alongside its existing management team.

He said: “This acquisition represents another step in the development of specialist PPP resources at IPSL and it is something our entire team, as well as our wider group, are very excited about.

“Capitec have carved out a strong reputation for providing much needed specialist technical support and unique compliance consultancy services across PFI/PPP, from healthcare and NHS environments through wide ranging projects across the infrastructure sector.”

He added: “The Capitec team’s expertise complements many of our key services at IPSL and will go hand-in-hand with our continued focus on evolving to support assurance and risk management for our clients through statutory and mandatory compliance and delivering value for money.”

Mick James, a director of IPSL and currently the head of safety, health and environmental at Imagile Group, will also join the new Capitec board.

He said: “I am delighted to be joining the Capitec board, to be part of a new era for Capitec and becoming stronger in the market. By working together with the existing team to tackle this new challenge head on we will build upon the company’s already strong reputation and brand, so this is an exciting time and one that represents real opportunity.”

Robert McNamara, co-founding director at Capitec, said: “This deal represents a huge milestone in the history of Capitec and I’m incredibly proud of what our team has achieved in recent years.

“IPSL is a consultancy we have the utmost respect for and we’re very much looking forward to integrating our experience and knowledge with their capabilities and culture.

“This is the start of an exciting new chapter and together I believe we can offer a very compelling range of compliance-based solutions that cover the technical, operational and financial dimensions of every project to achieve better outcomes whilst achieving best value.”

IPSL was established in 2017 and has gone from strength to strength, hitting several major company milestones, including creating one of the UK’s first ever Handback panels to steer the handback of the first wave of PFI projects across the group’s portfolio.