Property group relocates to revamped Northern Quarter site

Hilton House

CERT Property has relocated its head office to its flagship Northern Quarter development, Hilton House, taking the entire fourth floor, an area of some 4,200 sq ft.

Making the move from The Courtyard at Royal Mills, which CERT sold in 2019, the relocation provides CERT with additional space to provide not just workspaces for the existing team and growth space for further expansion, but also the space to provide communal facilities to make the office a destination.

The epic redevelopment of the Northern Quarter’s iconic Hilton House was completed in the midst of the pandemic and has already secured a 70% occupancy with architects Hawkins Brown, Telcom and Feel Good Club choosing the striking property as their new home.

CERT employs a team of 30 across the business, working on site, at home and now at Hilton House, according to individual roles, needs and personal preferences.

Howard Lord, CERT Property managing director, said: “Moving into Hilton House was the perfect move for us. We have all fallen in love with the building during the course of the redevelopment of it.

“Beyond this it offers the perfect location, architecture and space for us. We’ve made our floor our own and it has given us the opportunity to set out what we believe the post-pandemic office looks and feels like.”

He added: “Hilton House represents yet another success story through adversity during the pandemic. To reach 70% occupancy at a time when many have spoken about the demise of the office is a testament to the quality of spaces we are providing at Hilton House, but is, perhaps, also indicative of the wider demand within the Manchester office market and a telling proof that the office is far from dead, but perhaps just needed to evolve.

“We have a clear vision on what a modern office space should offer right now and in the future, incorporating facilities, high specification tech, encouraging total autonomy and flexibility for the tenant and offering complete accessibility.

“Office space will continue to play an important part in the evolution of UK business, but we must adapt and recognise imminent and future changing needs to make that space work. For us, we remain committed to Build Back Better and we will continue to deliver beautiful and relevant commercial and residential projects across the North West.”