Drainage experts create 20 Mersey jobs after winning £1m contract

The Metro Rod Peel Ports Group recruited for the £1m contract
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Drainage services provider Metro Rod has created 20 Merseyside jobs after securing a £1m contract with Peel Ports Group.

Metro Rod was appointed after a competitive tender process to deliver a comprehensive drainage mapping and maintenance plan for Peel Ports’ Liverpool site.

The six-month project forms part of an eight-year-long contract, with the potential to expand Metro Rod’s scope across other Peel Ports Group estates.

The project will see Metro Rod undertake an extensive drain mapping of the port’s drainage network, providing CAD drawings to reflect the intricate layout.

These will be used to commission a series of CCTV drainage surveys which will assess the conditions of the system before a large scale cleaning plan is implemented and delivered. Metro Rod has delivered similar services to a wide range of industrial and commercial clients.

Metro Rod has invested heavily in additional equipment and employed 20 new operatives – 20% of which are ex-services personnel – to satisfy the requirements of the project. Once the programme of works in Liverpool has been delivered, Metro Rod will look to, wherever possible, re-deploy engineers into the Metro Rod network.

Peter Molloy, Metro Rod managing director, said: “Through this contract with Peel Ports Group, we’ve been able to offer a wealth of new employment opportunities to people in Merseyside at a time when the country faces major economic challenges.”

Ron Hunter, group director, environment, health and safety at Peel Ports Group, said: “Metro Rod has demonstrated clear plans and commitment to invest in people and equipment to strategically align with our objectives and values. We look forward to working together.”