Jet2 orders more Airbus aircraft in deal valued at £1.47bn


Leisure travel business Jet2 has increased its order for Airbus aircraft in a deal worth around £1.47bn.

The Leeds-based group had already placed an order for 36 Airbus planes in August, with the option to increase this to 60 aircraft.

Now, following its additional order for 15 more aircraft, the total value of the deal, for up to 75 planes, is approximately £7.4bn for Airbus at current list prices.

The additional order will be welcomed by the Airbus Broughton plant, near Chester, which makes wings for all the group’s commercial aircraft.

Around 4,500 staff are employed at Broughton.

Jet2 announced yesterday afternoon (October 5), that it had entered into an agreement with Airbus to buy 15 more Airbus A321 NEO (new engine option) aircraft.

These additional 15 aircraft will be delivered between 2026 and 2029 and the terms of the agreement are substantially the same as those approved by the board for the initial 36 firm aircraft orders in August.

Jet2 said that while the total order could be worth £7.4bn, it has negotiated significant discounts from the list price.

The company said it will retain flexibility in determining the most favourable method of financing the aircraft, which will be through a combination of internal resources and debt.