Book now for Wednesday’s networking lunch in Manchester

Health Wellbeing and Culture and why it matters in 2022

Health and wellbeing have been put back in focus in recent years, and rightfully so as company bosses make it a priority.

Join our latest lunch event where we will hear from industry leaders about how employers can make a difference in the workplace when it comes to people’s complete wellbeing and the role it plays in creating a healthy culture and successful company.

We will hear from Ian Turner, talent director of communications group TalkTalk, Emma Guy, Director of Sales Operations at Aqueous Digital and Claire McLean, founder of Realise HR.

They will explore what “wellbeing” means in a practical sense for business owners? What actions should they be taking and how can they monitor the wellbeing of everyone in their teams?

They will also look at the role of technology in improving wellbeing and why is it important for retention and recruitment.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 8 June 2022 at Manchester Hall between 12-3pm.

Tickets are £45 + VAT and includes a two-course lunch.

You can book your tickets here.

Ian Turner, talent director, TalkTalk

Emma Guy, director of sales operations, Aqueous Digital

Claire McLean, founder, Realise HR