Tech firm ANS aiming to double earnings to £80m by 2025

Paul Shannon

Manchester tech firm, ANS, is targeting a doubling of earnings over the next three years, following its merger last year with fellow Manchester tech company, UKFast.

The merger has led to the growth strategy, which aims to hit EBITDA of £80m by the end of 2025.

Coupled with this, ANS is also increasing its headcount, with plans to train 200 apprentices over the next three years.

ANS currently employs 650 staff, serving 7,000 business to business customers, from small firms to large enterprises.

It is one of Europe’s largest digital transformation providers, achieving revenues of £123m in financial year 2021.

The new post-merger strategy is focused on making innovative technology accessible to everyone, no matter their budget.

CEO, Paul Shannon, said: “We believe that digital transformation shouldn’t be exclusive to organisations with big budgets.

“Everyone should have access to the tech they need. That’s where ANS comes in. We solve problems using technology to make our customers’ lives easier.”

He added: “Our customers are at the centre of every single decision we make and always will be. We’ve even created a dedicated Customer Experience division to put ourselves in their shoes and put their needs front of mind.”

ANS said it has pledged to “hack the tech adoption curve,” using its position in the market to offer cutting-edge tech to organisations that might otherwise be priced out.

CTO, Joe Wolski, said: “Hacking the tech adoption curve sounds like jargon but, by bringing together the capabilities of both businesses, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

“Because we have specialists and deep expertise both in products and in services, we can overlay our products with a service layer and help companies adopt tech quicker and cheaper than they would normally be able to.

“That’s what hacking the tech adoption curve means and it’s an approach that’s already delivering unbelievable results for our customers.”